PL Concept and Contribution

Penny Lane the Store is a conscious wardrobe focused on providing your favourite labels that promote a sustainable lifestyle.

 We honour each of our PL customers, so as a way of saying thank you, we will plant a tree on your behalf for every purchase made.
For us, Penny Lane is more than a store, it is a lifestyle and contribution towards the future.
We believe in benefiting the planet rather than the pocket and find it is the only way toward economic change and mindful unity.

PL Background

Based in the South West of Western Australia, we are surrounded by the beauty that is sea, sand and sun.

Not once have we taken this for granted, so we do our best to keep it that way by becoming consciously aware of every decision that is made and encouraging our beautiful customers to do the same. Every little bit counts.

PL Labels

Labels are becoming increasingly aware of ethical practices, so we want to make it easy for people to buy sustainably.

We want you to be able to purchase with full awareness that you are contributing toward a clean and healthy environment and supporting local and ethical brands.
We do our best to find your favourite Australian and international labels and provide them on a singular platform.

You can support the movement toward conscious consumption by becoming aware and supporting labels and businesses that are doing their best and doing their part.

Together we grow

"She watches herself transform as she consciously invests in herself, her loved ones and the environment. She wears her confidence on her sleeve and graces the room with style, knowing full well she is contributing to tomorrow"
.Timeless. Effortless. Conscious.

With Love

#Knowyourworth. #Knowyourearth. #Pennylanethestore x






~Dedicated to the beautiful Penelope Brown who gave so much and expected so little~




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